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Our innovation at the beginning of the year

Previously you had to choose – Loxone Miniserver or SIP-Server. But why to decide for someone if you can get both one?

With the new Baudisch.DualCom feature you can transmit the door call and the video via Loxone Miniserver to the Loxone App or via SIP-Server (for example Fritz!Box) to an IP-phone. So you can join the best features of Baudisch and Loxone und create a high quality intercom solution which is SIP-skilful and smart home ready.

The installed Baudisch-Intercom sends the door call to the home network. Because of the new Baudisch.DualCom feature the SIP-Server and the Loxone Miniserver mediated the signal and the video frame to the resprective mobile devices. So you can from anywhere receive the door call, talk with your visitor and open the door with a touch of a button. It makes no difference that you use an IP-phone, a computer or some other mobile devices (smarthphone or tablet). You are open to all possibilities and the decision between SIP-Server or Miniserver is a thing of the past.

You will find all important details about the functions, configuration and technical details here.
All information about the Fritz!Box you will find here.