DoorController 600

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Unit with V2A housing for transmission and transformation of signals of a analogue intercom to a IP telephone system.

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  • Protocols: SIP-VoIP via 10 Mbps LAN
  • Audiocodec: iLBC, Speex, PCMU (G.711 µ-Law), PCMA (G.711 A-Law), GSM 6.10, G.726-32
  • SIP-Unit to connect external loudspeaker/microphone modules from third-party suppliers e.g. Siedle TLMs as well as external ButtonModules
  • Connects directly to the LAN an acts like Baudisch.SIP DoorModules
  • Simple ministration of telephone book and configuration via the built-in web server
  • Terminal for up to 4 direct call buttons
  • Suppy via PoE or 20 to 36 V DC, the external modules are supplied from DC-600
  • Door opener function via touch tone entry by person called or by UDP command
  • Built in relay for door opener and extra relay for light-switch
  • Robust V2A housing for DIN top-hat rails.
  • Interface for CP-CAM Control.
  • Baudisch EasyLan Interface to allow up to 100 direct call buttons via external EasyLan box.
  • With order please name type of third-party module to be connected: Siedle TLM/LL 611-02, Siedle TLM 511/TLM 611, Bbpt HA/200
  • We recommend using a Siedle TLM/LL 611- The operation of a Siedle TLM 511/TLM 611 is unsuitable in noisy environments.

33-1383 DC600-Key15-Adapter for connection of 15 individual call buttons + Central call button.

Additional information

Weight 550 g
Dimensions 35 × 90 × 170 mm

Option: bpt HA/200, Option: ELA, Option: FERMAX City Panel 2AP101, Option: Passiv speakers, Option: Siedle TLM 511/611, Option: Siedle TLM/LL 611-02


PoE or 24 V

Strom / Leistung

6 VA


-20 °C to 55 °C


Rail mounting