Assembly for turn off the voltage and the network cable to the terminal device in case of sabotage.

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  • For DIN top-hat rails mount
  • Cuts the LAN link and power to the door station in case of sabotage
  • Reset pushbutton on module must be pressed after alarm
  • 24 V DC also switched, thus allowing to disable door opening in case of sabotage
  • The adapter needs to be powered with 24 V DC

With LAN at the door there is a risk of sabotage and irruption into the intranet. To prevent this, the LAN-Secure Adapter  can be placed in a safe area and looped into the LAN connection.

The module monitors 2 switches on contact and resistor value (either 0 Ohm eg. 10 kOhm) and cuts in case of sabotage all 8 leads of the LAN cable as well as a 24 V DC output.

A tamper switch kit must be ordered separately according to the respective station which need to be protected.

Additional information

Weight 334 g
Dimensions 50 × 110 × 85 mm

24 V

Strom / Leistung

2,5 VA


0 °C to 55 °C


Rail mounting