CompactMini 3T


Compact SIP-door station with a solid aluminium front plate, an Audio-DSP-Chip for echo cancellation and three buttons.
Inclusive an universal housing for on-wall or flusch-mounting and a mounting accessories Network-Jack-Kit.

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  • Best quality: construction, sound, volume, installation technology
  • With solid aluminum front panel.
  • Three stainless steel buttons with lighed title block.
  • Audio-DSP für Echounterdrückung.
  • Call indication LED-lights (red – green) with engraved pictograms. Light animation for conditions.
  • An electrical sabotage detection is integrated (trigger by removing the cover).
  • Two relay outputs for controll a door opener or a light.

Additional information

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 55 × 100 × 180 mm