Press release: DC600

DC600 – make something new – from analogue to SIP

Buying a new telephone means to spend a lot of money. Do I have to buy a new intercom as well ? No! If you want to keep your analoque intercom although getting a new telephone system – it is possible for you to get the Baudisch Door Controller DC 600. Fast, easy and cheap !

That is what Jens Flockerzi of System Gemisch UG from Frankfurt did last year. His customer – a medium-sized pharmaceutical company – changed to a VOIP telephone system of Starface and didn´t want to miss his Siedle Intercom. „We had to find a solution where it is possible for  the customer to keep his intercom.“ , said Mr Flockerzi. The Door Controller had been the perfect alternative and the  integration  could be made without  problems.

Due to the robust construction and the snap-lock – the DC 600 is optimal to use with a hat rail. It can easily be integrated in an electric cabinet. An additional power supply is not needed – you will get power via PoE. The Door Controller can be preset for several intercoms. You only need to connect existing cables of the analogue intercom to the DC 600. Next you have to configurate the webinterface according to your needs. Then the user will have several options and functions- e.g. several call targets, automatic forwarding of calls, two relay output to control e.g. light and door opener.

You no longer need to lay new network cables and the old intercom has not to be removed, because otherwise the building facade will be damaged. Next step would be to repair the facade and to install a new intercom . „This only means a lot of expenses, not to forget time needed.“, says Ulrich Meinert, sales manager of Baudisch Intercom.

Baudisch Door Controller can also be the correct alternative in many cases. Data security becomes more and more important. Therfore it is too dangerous to lay a network cable to the entrance – needed with IP-Intercoms.  Baudisch Intercom launched years ago a new product called „LAN secure „ which cuts power and network physically in case of sabotage. But many customers don´t have IP-intercoms. In this case it is good to use the Door Controller being installed inside the house – not to be reached by non-authorized persons.

Cables of the LAN Secure Adapter don`t end in front of  the entrance but in the electric cabinet and only existing cables reach to the intercom. It doesn`t matter if the distance between Door Controller and intercom is 10 or 250 metres.

Ulrich Meinert says: „If you want to keep your analoque intercom although having a new telephone  it is best for you to buy a DoorController DC 600. So you can save time and money.