The ComPanel defines the access areas and control levels in buildings in a new manner.

Based on forward-looking highend technology, the ComPanel sets new standards in managing buildings and security matters.

Timeless design, a comfortable user interface and individual setup make technology to a gentle experience. Designed by people led by visions.

Operation by touch

The 10,4″ TFT display allows a simple and convenient handling.


Free communication

The optimal sound quality allows an use without a earphone or separate microphone.


All surfaces can visual be adapted to your wishes and needs.

Virtual reception

The duties of a ComPanel are similar to a consierge – round the clock.

The ComPanel welcomes its visitors in style


One of the great challenges in managing buildings is the integration of different systems.

The ComPanel contributes a major part to solve this problem. It offers an interactive user interface for complete facility management.

Easy touch-screen control, availability of speaking connections anytime and situation-adaptable announcement functions in different languages allow a variety of integrations to meet your requirements.


Independence and freedom are the basic principles of system security in the ComPanel.

It works independently and decentrally. It can fulfill its duty without being backed up by servers or other central devices. These requirements are met by well-developed internal processor and database architecture.

Only a suitable power supply is needed to make a ComPanel work.

The meaning of speech

In a time of anonymous mass mailings, the ComPanel puts emphasis on the human element of speech.

An outstanding audio quality along with the interfaces SIP and INTERCOM allows direct hands-free usage at telephone connections as well as powerful applications with other intercom systems.

These independant ways of speech provide highest security and availability.


Its special housing gives the ComPanel timeless elegance. Made of selected full aluminium, the system meets all requirements concerning matters of robust design, stability and protection of sabotage.

A special surface finish in brushed eloxal technology gives the special appearance.

The device can be mounted both horizontally or vertically. It is available in 2 screen sizes and deliverable in numerous housing options.

Free Creation

Its high level of customization in order to meet individual cooperate identity and internal guidelines makes the ComPanel a very flexible element of design.

Touch screen displays and functions can be adjusted in Excel by the user himself. If desired, there is also the possibility for optimal adaptation with the given environment through the HTML-oriented programming language XML.

Many functions can also be set directly at the device or via the powerful remote access interface.

Made in Germany

According to the motto “Made in Germany” – all products will be designed, developed and produced  in Wäschenbeuren . Quality and high value is extremely important for us.


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Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.


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Compatible & multifunctional

Our high-quality intercoms are compatible with many products from other trademarks and very versatile.