SIP-Relay module

Switch by call

The relay module is a module with an integrated relay. As s SIP subscriber it logs on to a telephone system and switches by call. It is used for example for a remote door chime or a barrier opening by call.

Furthermore a call via call button (e.g. at the storey door) can be triggered.

One call is enough

A garage or the barrier can be opened.

easy installation

Simply installing in the control cabinet.

Fast connection

Thanks to the fixing clambs a quick installation is possible.


Save an announcement-text whick will sounds by incoming telephone call.

Open barriers or doors

The relay module allows a simple and cost-efficient circuit by calling, i.e. a remote control is no longer necessary. An opening is easily possible via a speed dial button on the phone in the headoffice or with the mobile phone of the employee, tenant or holiday guest. The call number of the authorized person is then entered in the phonebook of the door module. The relay selection is either automatic by incoming calls or manual via DTMF dialing.

Second bell

In workshops, assembly halls or other noisy environments it is often almost impossible to hear the ringing of a telephone. The ringing of the telephone is therefore supported by an externally connected siren. For this purpose, the relay module is parallel to the SIP phone included in a call group. The call is signaled on both units until the phone is answered.

Storey bell

In the classical apartment building, the call station with several call buttons is placed at the front door. The SIP relay module ensures the connection of a call button directly at the storey door to trigger a different door call. The display of the called phone shows that the call originates from the storey door and not from the main entrance. If you answer the call, you can even hear it by voice message. Of course the storey door can be opened by DTMF dialing and switching of the relay contact.

Fault indication

An external building management can be connected via the 2 potential-free switching inputs. In case of failure of the system the relay module triggers a call, for example a fault message to the mobile phone of the owner.

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