The intelligent indoor intercom

The TouchMe indoor intercom is the perfect addition to  our SIP DoorStations. Installed inside in prominent places, you immediately see who is standing at the door. With the integrated handsfree set, it is possible to communicate directly at the door. Additionally, you can integrate many possible applications in the field of facility management.

Always everything under control

With the integrated highly luminous 7“ display with touch surface, you are in full control. Via touch you open the door or call the lift for your visitors. Switch the door station to „do not disturb“ mode and upon your return you can access all missed door calls. If you are out of the office, you can forward the door call over a network to your cell phone and even open the door from the road. Additionally, you can integrate the facility lightning, blinds and alarm systems as well as media technology making the TouchMe an indispensable product in your house and facility control.

Door management

As soon as the button is pressed, the video image of the door camera is shown. Instantly, you know who asks to be let in even before you answer the door call. You can even switch between multiple cameras from different perspectives.

always available

You are on the road and would like to know who is at your door? Activate the TouchMe call forwarding and the door call is forwarded to any number. Whether on the cell phone or even with video on your iPhone, you will not miss a single visitor.

Door calls in absence

You are out? No problem! In your absence the TouchMe manages the door. Door calls in your absence are automatically recorded with picture and time. Upon your return, you immediately see who paid you a visit and when.


Free Communication

Of course speaking without handset and cable. Two integrated speakers and two integrated microphones ensure high audio quality and clear speech intelligibility at the TouchMe and at the door.

Controlling via touch

Would you like to turn on the hallway lights, open the gate or parcel box? Or call the lift for your visitor? No problem! Customize your TouchMe for your individual needs. Get in touch with us!

Facility management

Make TouchMe to your control center at home. The flexibly adjustable user interface and the integrated ports enable integrative and individual solutions. Whether facility control or safety – there are numerous possibilities.

facility control

Control your facility technology via touch directly with TouchMe. Lifts, alarm systems, lights, blinds, air conditioning, heating, or media technology as well as projectors, screens and speakers etc. can be individually integrated and controlled. Do you have an idea? Get in touch with us!

Video monitoring

You would like to not only see who is at the door, but also the surrounding area? The integrated video management allows you an overview of all installed video cameras on the property. Simply check out the video images of multiple cameras. If required, the rights to use this function can be restricted.


Due to the integrated telephone functionalities such as key pad, direct dial buttons, phone directory, call forwarding etc. and the extension of a handset, the TouchMe is perfectly suited for the requirements at facility control, reception or concierge desk. The connection to an existing IP communication system is simply established via SIP protocol.

Emergency call

A quick call for help in case of emergency! Emergency services are directly contacted via touch using the integrated emergency button on the TouchMe. The adjustable call delay prevents false alarm making TouchMe a safe emergency call intercom.

Made in Germany

According to the motto “Made in Germany” – all products will be designed, developed and produced  in Wäschenbeuren. Quality and high value is extremely important for us.


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Compatible & multifunctional

Our high-quality intercoms are compatible with many products from other trademarks and very versatile.