Video and audio transmission.


There are several different options to choose between the communication with the visitors or to show the camera picture. We put a very high value of satisfaction with our products. Our aim is not only for you always to be able to depend on our products and the possibility to integrate our products in your daily life. Therefore we offer a variety of possibilities in video and audio transmission.






Cameras or intercoms are installed by us?

Our CP-CAM-Viewer enable you to show  streams of an IP camera in combination with a SIP doorcom at your computer. Thus you can easily und comfortable see, who is standing outside the door and according to open the door.


Accepting the call with a phone and open door via pressing the button?

The consequent use of standards and interfaces are reasonable for the integration of our intercoms with a variety of IP-Phones. We are cooperating closely with the respective manufacturers of VoIP terminals.

Smartphone & Tablet

In the meantime a smart phone is our constand companion. It keep ready to hand at anytime and the tablet is not far away. Therefore it is obvious for the communication with the visitor to use one of the mobile device. So you are able to look even on the way  who’s ringing the door bell.

Made in Germany

According to the motto “Made in Germany” – all products will be designed, developed and produced  in Wäschenbeuren. Quality and high value is extremely important for us.


If you have any questions about our products or you need help in the execution of a project, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry.


Your are searching for a Baudisch partner close to you, who assuemes your construction projects? No problem! We have a large network of partners in or close to Germany.

Compatible & multifunctional

Our high-quality intercoms are compatible with many products from other trademarks and very versatile.